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"...to reach agreement on all issues concerning your children, finances, property..."


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In my work as a family law solicitor over the past twenty years, I have provided a legal service to many people experiencing the difficult process of separation and divorce.

Too many separating people begin court applications where better and longer-lasting solutions can be achieved through a process of information sharing and negotiation. To provide an opportunity for such negotiations, I have worked since 2005 in the area of collaborative practice and successfully provide a legal service in this growing area of family law dispute resolution. I have also trained as a family mediator and I am now additionally providing this service to separating couples.

This website is designed to give you an overview of mediation and of how it can assist you in reaching tailor-made, long lasting agreements on all of the issues in your separation.

If I can assist you with any query regarding mediation in general or the service that I offer please contact me at 087 2353760.